Moise Kean, the father speaks: “I tie up, the migrants help them at home. Juve still owes me 2 tractors “

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Moise Kean, the father speaks: "I am a Northern League, let the migrants help them at home. Juve? They promise and then … "

ROME – Moise Keane is the player of the moment. The young Juventus striker was protagonist last Saturday with the National team in the match against Finland, signing the 2-0 goal. A media attention that also involved the boy's father, Biorou Jean Kean , who spoke on Un Giorno da Pecora , a program broadcast on Radio 1. The father of the 19-year-old spoke of his support for Juventus to that of his son for Inter, problems with the Juventus club, up to their own sympathies for Salvini and the League.

"How did I celebrate the first goal with Moise's Italy? I thank God, it is a joy for the whole family. When he scored I shouted "Bravo!" And tonight we play against the Liechtestein. "Yes, I'll see her at the bar with my friends tonight, I'm not going to the stadium." "What team was Moise from when he was a child? He was from Inter, because he liked Oba Oba Martins. When I went around with him my son would say to me: please, buy me Martins shirt! ".

As a child, however, the young star of Juventus played in Turin : “And I sent him to Juventus because I'm a Juventus fan. Glad to see him in black and white? Yes, even if I have a problem with the club: they no longer give me tickets to go to the stadium. Why? There was a problem. Me and Moise's mother are separated and she, in the past, wanted to take the boy to England. I told him I would let him stay in Italy but in return I wanted two tractors. They told me that there would be no problems. But they haven't given me any more, they don't give me tickets anymore and they don't even receive me anymore ”.

"I want him forever at Juve – he continued – which is in my blood: I am black and my blood is white". Has anyone compared your son to Balotelli ? "He's his favorite player now. Even though I advised him not to copy Balotelli in every way … ". Do you have Italian citizenship ? "Not yet, I asked the question. I have been here for years … ". What do you think of the League of Matteo Salvini ? "I am Northern League, I like the League and Salvini's policy". Don't you want migrants to arrive? "Right now I'm looking for an association to stop immigration from the start." Let us help them at home: "Exactly, that's right". (Source: A sheep's day )

The Moise Kean article , speaks the father: “I tie up, the migrants help them at home. Juve still owes me 2 tractors " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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