Moise Kean: “Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi? I work to be like them “

Moise Kean: "Cristiano Ronaldo e Messi? Lavoro per essere come loro"

Moise Kean: "Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi? I work to be like them "Photos ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

TURIN – Juventus striker Moise Kean spoke to Sky Sport in the Juventus-Empoli post-match.

19 years and 31 days. You know that you become the youngest player since Balotelli to score 8 Serie A goals. What are you thinking about this?

I'm very happy, it's another record. As I said, I'm always ready to beat others.

Moise Kean: "I have to prove my worth every game"

It's an incredible time for you. Is there anything special about these benefits?

Yes, work is the only thing that can help to give so much in the field and to demonstrate what I am worth, every Sunday.


Allegri said at a press conference that you are not Cristiano and not even Messi, but keeping your feet on the ground you go ahead. What do you think of his words?

If he says the coach is right. Rightly I am not a Christian, I am not Messi, I hope I am, with work one day maybe I could be at their level.

Juventus Vice President Pavel Nedved spoke to Sky Sport on Juventus-Empoli.

Can the idea that Kean can continue in Turin its growth path be a decisive aspect for its contract renewal?

Yes, we are very keen on the boy because he is a 2000 and he is doing very good things. At 19 he is truly an incredible thing, he is doing very well. Then of course we want to extend the contract with him, we are already making progress. We must let it grow, we must protect it because it is really young, but it is already doing very good things.

Cristiano Ronaldo must also be protected on a physical level. Are you waiting for the results of the exams, is there a chance you will miss the challenge with Ajax?

It is too early to say, we are very confident, because Cristiano is doing a lot to get back as soon as possible. Obviously we also want to protect him because this is right, we have to bring in players that are 100% and we'll do it with him too.

source: Sky Sports.

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