Moise Kean at Milan, comes the denial of Mino Raiola on Twitter

Moise Kean al Milan, arriva la smentita di Mino Raiola su Twitter

Moise Kean at Milan, comes the denial of Mino Raiola on Twitter. Photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MARCO

MILAN – In the last few hours, Mino Raiola was credited with the following statements about Moise Kean, a young Juventus champion and the Italian national team, from Facebook: "Kean must always play, at the moment we are firm about contract renewal with Juventus. I had to take him to Milan in January, Leonardo and I had done everything but then Juve said no. "

Moise Kean-Milan, Mino Raiola denies on Twitter

Mino Raiola has categorically denied these statements specifying how you use only Twitter. Raiola clarified how the profiles on Facebook and Linkedin are not managed by him. In other words they are fake accounts. Here are the statements of the agent of Moise Kean: “I created a Facebook account only to report that other accounts that used my name were fake. I never use and will never use Facebook to post or comment under others' posts. I've been impersonated for years by others on Facebook and Linkedin, this thing sucks "

Moise Kean, after scoring against Finland, revealed that he was inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, his Juventus team-mate: "I learn from Cristiano Ronaldo, in training I steal his secrets: this is a beautiful evening, but I know I still have many record to beat ”. Roberto Mancini wanted to congratulate him after the excellent performance, with goals, in Italy-Finland: "He has great qualities, but it's all in him: the margins for improvement are enormous".

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