Moggi: “Sarri? Juventus make others talk after the matches … “

Moggi: "Sarri? Juventus fai parlare altri dopo le partite..."

Luciano Moggi gives Juventus advice: "Sarri must not speak after the games because they frame him and make him say wrong things" (photo Ansa)

TURIN – Luciano Moggi, the former sports manager of Juventus , was interviewed by Radio Bianconera during 'Things of Football' to take stock of the situation on the reigning Italian champions. Luciano Moggi's statements are reported by in an article signed by Alessandra Stefanelli.

Juventus, Moggi: "Sarri shouldn't speak because they often frame him and say wrong things …".

“This is very important because Sarri must feel the closeness of the club, he is our coach and he must be supported as such. But maybe after the games they should make someone else speak because they often frame him and make him say things he shouldn't, the last one in Verona and we don't talk about after Naples.

We are 11 million fans who want to see Juventus win, of course you can't always win, you can also lose a championship, but you have to lose it with dignity and not with certain statements from the coach.

Sarri? He must be defended for the statements he makes after the game, he said that the results are never obvious, which means that Juventus sometimes goes on the pitch too lightly and this is not a good thing. Fault of the players? No, the players send them to the coach.

Our rival, Inter, takes two goals because of the goalkeeper, then returns to the field as if nothing had happened and makes four at Milan, this is the inner strength of subjects who feel they are masters of themselves, they feel strong and this is thanks to the coach.

We are joined and beaten by teams much less strong than us and this is certainly the coach's fault. Although more attackers are used, less is scored. And then you suffer more because you make zone markings. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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