Mkhitaryan and Betty Vardanyan, wedding in Venice. Sing Albano VIDEO

youtube Mkhitaryan e Betty Vardanyan

Mkhitaryan and Betty Vardanyan with Albano (video from YouTube)

VENICE – The Armenian footballer of Arsenal Mkhitaryan and Betty Vardanyan, daughter of an Armenian diplomat, got married in Venice. Their wedding party was animated by a wild Albano. The couple chose Albano because he is the most popular singer in Armenia.

In Armenia they love Italian music, Albano is the most heard singer but also Celentano, Eros Ramazzotti, Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti are very popular. The videos were broadcast online by Mkhitaryan himself through his social networks.

Mkhitaryan returned to smile after the bad story that ousted him from the Europa League final lost to his Arsenal against Chelsea.
The political tensions between Armenia, the country of origin of the Arsenal player, and Azerbaijan, of which Baku is the capital, have forced the London club to renounce the midfielder who did not travel to the Azeri city.

"We have thoroughly investigated all possible options for Mkhitaryan to be part of the team – says the official note published by Arsenal before the Europa League final – but, after discussing this with the player and his family, we have mutually agreed that Heinrikh will not be part of our Baku expedition.

We wrote to Uefa expressing our concerns about this matter: Mkhitaryan was a key player in reaching the final and is a great loss for us. We are also very disappointed that a player can lose a great European final, an event that rarely happens within a career, due to situations like this ".

Mkhitaryan joined Arsenal in 2018. Before joining the Gunners, he played with P'yownik Fowtbolayin Akowmb in Armenia, Metalurh Donec'k and Šachtar in Ukraine, Borussia Dortmund in Germany and Manchester United in England.

The video from YouTube with the duet between Mkhitaryan and Albano during the marriage of the Armenian footballer of Arsenal.

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