Mima Superga plane, Juventus inhibits its fan for 5 years

Mima aereo Superga, la Juventus inibisce il suo tifoso per 5 anni

Mima Superga plane, Juventus inhibits its fan for 5 years

TURIN – He will not be able to set foot in the Juventus stadium for five years the fan resumed Saturday night in the derby while mimicking the flight of an airplane , an offensive gesture towards the Grande Torino on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Superga tragedy. This is the decision decided by the Juventus club, after the checks carried out in collaboration with the Questura. The fan affected by the 'daspo company' cannot even be at the Allianz on May 19th for Juve-Atalanta when the championship cup is handed over to the bianconeri.

Antonio Conte opens a return to Juventus: "Never say never …".

Next season will not be Antonio Conte to coach Roma. It is the same ex ct blue to dampen the voices of the last weeks, of a possible landing on the Giallorossi bench. In an interview with Walter Veltroni for the Gazzetta dello Sport, the Apulian coach explains: “I fell in love with Rome attending it in the two years I was coached by the Azzurri; at the Olimpico you feel the passion. But today the conditions for which I can train her are not there. But I think that one day, sooner or later, I will go to coach Roma ”. And also on the hypothesis of a resounding return to Juventus, Conte leaves the doors open for the future.

"Allegri is doing very well. You never know tomorrow. " Conte recalls the promise made to Agnelli at the time he arrived at Juventus: "it will take time, but the goal is to get back on top of the world". Then he explains: "I could not complete the promise." As for his return to Juventus he says "marriages to be there must be on both sides. I think Juventus has started a path and I think they are very happy with Allegri who is certainly doing very well. You never know tomorrow. "

"Who wants me – the technician says again – knows that I have to engrave, with my idea of ​​football and my method. I'm not a manager, I don't think a coach's goal is to do as little damage as possible. If they think this, companies don't call me. I want to affect because I am very strict with myself. Then I have a problem: victory, which I feel is the goal of my work ".

And he adds "I must have the perception of being able to beat anyone. I have to feel that winning is possible. Otherwise, without problems, I can continue to remain still ”.
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