Milik decisive in Bergamo, Napoli returns to -8 from Juventus

Milik decisivo a Bergamo, il Napoli torna a -8 dalla Juventus

Milik decisive in Bergamo, Napoli returns to -8 from Juventus ANSA / FILIPPO VENEZIA

BERGAMO, ATLETI AZZURRI STADIUM – Atalanta-Napoli 1-2, goal: Fabian Ruiz 2 '(assists Lorenzo Insigne), Duvan Zapata 55' (assist Hateboer) and Milik 85 '(assist Mario Rui).

The provincial seemed to Napoli, the Atalanta hit cold had to concede too many spaces paying duty in the final and surrendering for 2-1. The change Mertens-Milik shoots cards and Ancelotti wins the tactical challenge to Gasperini overcoming in Bergamo in Monday Night a more challenging obstacle of the budget, even without a ninety piece like Ilicic in addition to the detachable Toloi.

In the first half the Neapolitans are not mistaken for a passage opting for the game of remittance, obvious choice given the lightning advantage thanks to the cut on the second pole of Fabian Ruiz who supports splintering the wood on Insigne's crook before the right corner. It's been a minute and 18 seconds and the reaction from Bergamo is substantiated in the dominance in possession (60 to 40) in addition to the collection of corners. On that of Gomez from the right, at 9 ', Mancini detaches without framing the mirror (9'), after a couple of rounds of hand the Papu personally tries from distance with the same outcome.

At dawn of the twentieth the second blaze of light, along the lines of the first to break the ice if it were not for the position of the pitcher Insigne on the left trocad, with the Andalusian to waste everything by taking Berisha. At 23 'is the Neapolitan true to seize the pole to the right of the home goalkeeper on the filter of Allan, but Giacomelli sanctions the offside.

A time trial poker and Zapata, taking advantage of the uncertainty of Albiol, throws the left grinding (without crossing) deflected instinctively from Ospina. The departures guests risk closing the practice ahead of time: in the 32nd minute Albiol's fever strikes again Insigne, who at twenty meters can be seen meeting Berisha and misses the target. At a five-point from the interval Callejon imbeces the playmaker at the limit, Hamsik shoots up.

Three heads out of Albiol, reached by the shot from the left flag of Insigne: ball to the side. In the second half, right away for Freuler, served by Zapata from the right: Albiol saves everything. Two minutes and the Colombian side for the left of Gomez is wasted beyond the upright. At the eleventh the deserved equal, with Gosens's cross to find the damped left of Rigoni that Hateboer corrects the air game for the equal of the current Zapata.

Mario Rui opens a breach in the territorial superiority of Lombardy by throwing Insigne on the left (21 '), but Berisha closes the mirror. At 31 'Gomez cincischia and is trimmed in a foul on the axis Hateboer-Mancini, from there enter Hysaj and Zielinski for Maksimovic and Fabian Ruiz, while here Valzania had already taken over from Rigoni allowing Gomez to advance to second tip. Milik to eight from the ninetieth replaces a Mertens spent very much and is a good move: Mario Rui serves him from the left, with the same foot the Polish check and pierces Berisha out (41 ').

The report cards of Atalanta-Naples

Napoli beat Atalanta 2-1 (1-0). Atalanta (3-4-1-2): Berisha 6, Mancini 6 (44 'st Tumminello sv), Palomino 6, Masiello 6, Hateboer 6.5, de Roon 6, Freuler 6, Gosens 6.5, Gomez 5.5, Rigoni 5.5 (26 'St Valzania 6), Zapata 7. (31 Rossi, 95 Gollini, 13 Bettella, 19 Djimsiti, 7 Reca, 21 Chestnuts, 53 Ali Adnan, 22 Pessina, 88 Pasalic, 99 Barrow). All .: Gasperini 6.

Naples (4-4-2): Ospina 6, Maksimovic 5.5 (32 'st Hysaj 6), Albiol 6.5, Koulibaly 6, Mario Rui 5.5, Callejon 6, Allan 6.5, Hamsik 6.5, Fabian Ruiz 6.5 (32' st Zielinski 6 ); Insigne 7, Mertens 5 (37 'st Milik 7). (1 Meret, 27 Karnezis, 13 Luperto, 2 Malcuit, 31 Ghoulam, 42 Diawara, 30 Rog, 34 Younes). All .: Ancelotti 7.

Referee: Giacomelli di Trieste 7. Networks: in the 2nd pt 'Fabian Ruiz; in st 11 'Zapata, 40' st Milik. Angles: 12-6 for Atalanta. Recovery: 1 'and 4'. Ammonites: Allan, Masiello and Mario Rui for a foul play. Spectators: 19,871 of which 3,971 paying (collection not communicated) and 15,565 subscribers (quota 194,249.60).

Notes: observed a minute's silence for Flemming Nielsen and Cesare Bordoni, midfielder of the Italian Cup '63 and social doctor, who disappeared on 16 and 27 November. In the interval Carsten Nielsen, son of Flemming, thanks the Nerazzurri fans from the field.

** THE GOALS – 2 'pt: Insigne aims for the right corner and draws the cut in front of Fabian Ruiz's second post, who leans left, splintering the wood. – 11 'st: cross from left-handed Gosens on which Rigoni left the left turn, Hateboer puts in the middle of head for Zapata that at the time pierces Ospina. – 40 'st: sloped by Mario Rui from the left-handed, Milik controls and stabs Berisha out of the left.

The highlights of the match

90 'final whistle, Napoli has won in Bergamo and has led less to Juventus league leaders.

85 'Goal of the Napoli. Cross by Mario Rui from the left and winning turn, with the left, by Milik.

55 'Atalanta draw. Duvan Zapata bagged from Hateboer's head with two passes.

47 'Duvan Zapata dribbled past Koulibaly and served a golden ball for Freuler. The midfielder had a sure shot but his shot was deflected for a corner by Albiol.

45 '- First time. Napoli leads a goal to Bergamo. Network created by Fabian Ruiz on the assistance of Lorenzo Insigne.

32 '- Another great chance to score for Napoli. Lorenzo Insigne shoots high from a good position. Neapolitans close to doubling.

24 'Lorenzo Insigne hits the post with an acrobatic ball but the referee stops him off the pitch.

2 'Goal of the Napoli. Carlo Ancelotti's team scored the first thrust. Insigne put Fabian Ruiz on goal, the Spanish footballer did not make a mistake in front of Atalanta's goalkeeper. Fabian Ruiz celebrated the goal by sending some kisses to Napoli fans.

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