Milan’s super comeback, from 0-2 to 4-2. Juventus does not close the Scudetto speech

Serie A, Milan-Juventus 4-2, goals: Rabiot at 47 ', Cristiano Ronaldo at 53', Zlatan Ibrahimovic on penalty at 62 ', Kessie at 66', Leao at 67 'and Ante Rebic at 80'.

AC Milan took fifth place alone, Juventus collapsed in the second half and failed to close the Scudetto speech (although the seven-point advantage over a Lazio who ran out of petrol was more than reassuring).

Anyway, Sarri has to deal with a heavy slide in San Siro tonight. Nobody would have said it at 53 ', at the moment of doubling Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, Juve had played an excellent first part of the match, deservingly taking the double advantage.

The first goal was an authentic masterpiece by Rabiot who reminded everyone of Diego Armando Maradona for the occasion. We are not exaggerating. Rabiot started from his half of the field, after keeping Kessie at a distance with his physique, he passed Theo Hernandez with a tunnel and beat Donnarumma with an unstoppable shot. A gem.

At the beginning of the second half, clumsy clash between Romagnoli and Kjaer and easy doubling of Ronaldo. Ended here? Not even for a dream because Milan is in great health after the Olimpico's triumph against Lazio.

The Rossoneri returned to the game thanks to a penalty. The much discussed rule of handball (now he is always voluntary), leads to Bonucci's warning and to the goal from Ibrahimovic's spot. At this point Juve collapses. Definitely.

In fact, from Ibra's goal to Leao's 3-2 just six minutes pass. Not even the time to hit the ball. In series, Kessie's tie on Ibrahimovic's support and Leao's overtaking thanks to Rugani's decisive deviation.

At this point Juve throws himself forward, more out of necessity than out of conviction, and Milan chastises her with Rebic. The Croatian receives the ball from Bonaventura, after a serious mistake by Alex Sandro, and closes the games with an appreciable 'bomb' for Szczesny.

AC Milan beat Lazio and Juve in a few days and went alone to fifth place. Juve does not close the Scudetto speech but still remains at +7 on Lazio. Barring miracles, the ninth consecutive championship for the bianconeri should arrive anyway.

From 0-2 to 4-2, the perfect comeback of the Rossoneri. Those six minutes of recovery …

Pioli continues to focus on the players who are giving him a great second half of the season. In attack space to Paqueta behind Rebic and Zlatan Ibrahimovic .

Milan: (4-2-3-1): Donnarumma; Conti, Kjaer, Romagnoli, Hernandez; Kessié, Bennacer; Saelemaekers, Paquetà, Rebic; Ibrahimovic.

Big surprises in the eleven owner of Juventus. The best footballer out since the championship resumed after the coronavirus stop. In fact Dybala starts from the bench and in his place plays Higuain, great ex of the meeting.

After the absolute record of appearances in Serie A, Buffon returns to warm the bench. In his place the Polish Szczesny returns. Even in defense, not a little surprise, there is Rugani alongside Bonucci.

Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Rugani, Bonucci, Danilo; Bentancur, Pjanic, Rabiot; Bernardeschi, Higuain, Ronaldo.

The first scoring opportunity of the match was created by Juventus at 13 '. Cristiano Ronaldo started from the center left, as Sarri wants, he centralized and started a sure shot deflected for a corner by Conti.

Milan close to scoring in the 22nd minute. Saelemaekers shoots suddenly, Szczesny is good at blocking his net conclusion. Very similar action three minutes later, at 25 '. Cross by Theo Hernandez from the left and Ibrahimovic's volley, Szczesny good at blocking the ball.

The race started in the first half. At 42 ', Higuain's turn in the Milan penalty area, good Hernandez to dampen his conclusion.

At the last assault, goal canceled by Ibrahimovic. The Swede had scored but he was in an offside position. The first fraction of the game ended on the result of zero to zero.

Juventus lead at the start of the second half with a large number of Rabiot. For the Frenchman, this is the first goal with the Juventus shirt. Rabiot started from the right, overtook Theo Hernandez with a tunnel, centered himself undisturbed and started a left that left Donnarumma with no escape ( here the video) .

Doubling of Juventus at 53 '. Launch of Cuadrado and clash between Romagnoli and Kjaer who projects Ronaldo alone in front of Donnarumma. The Portuguese did not fail ( the video here ).

Penalty kick for AC Milan in the 61st minute. There is Bonucci's touch with his hand. The referee noticed it after consulting the var. Yellow for the Juventus defender and goal from the spot for Ibrahimovic ( here the video ).

Milan complete the comeback in two minutes. At 66 ', Kessie was served in the penalty area by Ibrahimovic. The former Atalanta midfielder takes the defense of Juventus on time and signs the draw ( here the video ).

Not even the time to hit the ball that AC Milan find 3-2. Rebic catches Leao on the left. The Milan striker enters the area and starts a shot which is deflected by Rugani ( here the video ).

In the end, here is Rebic's fourth goal. Alex Sandro gives Bonaventura the ball. The Rossoneri midfielder turns it straight away for Rebic who has no difficulty bagging in two steps ( here the video ).

It is over, AC Milan reassembled Juventus and moved to fifth place in the standings. The advantage of the Bianconeri's seven points over Lazio is however reassuring.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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