Milan transfer market, Tonali convinced by Maldini: what a joke for Inter

Calciomercato Milan, Tonali blow: Maldini convinced the boy and the Rossoneri convinced Brescia with 41 million euros.

Milan is about to place the transfer market shot Sandro Tonali . The player seemed destined for Inter but the Rossoneri would have snatched him from the Nerazzurri with a sudden blitz from Maldini.

The Milan manager would have phoned the boy to convince him and he would have moved in time also with Brescia.

We recall that a week ago it seemed all done for Tonali's transfer to Inter, 35 million euros would have gone to Brescia.

On the other hand, the deal did not go through precisely due to the straight-legged insertion of the Milan cousins.

Maldini would have hit the right buttons and would have revived Tonali's passion for Milan.

In fact, before becoming a professional footballer, Tonali was a big Milan fan and doted on Gattuso (who is now the Napoli coach).

Maldini would have snatched Tonali's yes by telling him that he will be at the center of Milan's technical project.

In fact, Tonali is very keen on the national team and wants to stay in the blue circle. To do this he needs to play continuously. Milan can give him this guarantee while Inter could not do the same.

Milan would have also snatched the yes of Brescia by presenting a more advantageous offer than that of Inter. Milan would have offered 41 million euros against the 35 offered by the Nerazzurri (source: La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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