Milan Transfer Market, Piatek. Prandelli: “I do not talk about it until it’s true”

Calciomercato Milan, Piatek. Prandelli: "Non ne parlo finché non è vero"

Milan Transfer Market, Piatek. Prandelli: "I do not talk about it until it's true" ANSA / FEDERICO PROIETTI

GENOA – "Piatek surrendered? I am used to talking about real and concrete things but at the moment there is no officiality, there is nothing ". So Cesare Prandelli answered on the player who is shaking the market with the possible transition from Genoa to Milan. "The boy today has arrived among the first and trains in a serious and meticulous. So only when and if there will be the official I can answer, at this time we are focused on the game, on those players who must give more than what we imagine because it will be challenging from all points of view. Piatek Monday will be disqualified but Prandelli does not disclose who will touch him.

"Favilli in his place? In the situations we have tried there could be Favilli or Pandev or other players. The important thing is that everyone is ready to play in progress. I like it when I get to a day from the race and I still have doubts. It means that the guys are working well. "" It will be a very demanding and important match. I expect courage, exuberance and the desire to put a great team in trouble ". Cesare Prandelli says that he does not hide the pitfalls of Milan's challenge on Monday.

"We have worked also and especially in this game. I'm curious to see how it goes, because the guys worked well. Now we just need to do a great performance and take points home. Milan? they will be super motivated and will want to bring home points like us. The only difficulty will be to find the rhythm after three weeks, so it will be important in the first fifteen minutes to be in the game and hit blow by blow ".

Prandelli thinks of a Genoa that could be tactically different. "In these weeks I have tried to understand better the characteristics of the players and I want them to go on the field quiet in order to express their skills. Defense at 3 or 4? Different things change, when you play with the three defenders they have particular references and you work individually on a situation. The 4-point defense brings you to a unique reasoning. The four defenders must have only one idea and the same way of interpreting ".

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