Milan Transfer Market, near Piatek. Balotelli-Genoa? Perinetti denies

Calciomercato Milan, Piatek vicino. Balotelli-Genoa? Perinetti smentisce

Milan Transfer Market, near Piatek. Balotelli-Genoa? Perinetti denies ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA

MILAN – "We have said that Piatek, Romero and Kouamé are not going to offer them and it is not in our intention to give them away, but they are players that arouse interest". Giorgio Perinetti, Genoa's sports director, spoke on Radio CRC about the club's winter market and in particular about Milan's interest for the Polish striker.

Calciomercato Genoa, Balotelli instead of Piatek: Perinetti says no

"With whom to replace Piatek? Since we do not know if it goes away we have not posed the problem. Can Balotelli be a substitute? I do not think it's a viable hypothesis, "said the executive. And on Piatek he added: "The percentage of his departure I do not know. We struggle to get rid of our striker, so we have to listen to the proposals. Nothing has been done yet, we only read of a contact with Milan who told us that he wanted to talk about it after the super cup. Meeting with Leonardo? No there was no meeting, but it is likely that we will meet if we want to see. "

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