Milan, the former Fassone sues the club for the dismissal

Milan, former Fassone sues the club for dismissal (photo Ansa)

Milan, former Fassone sues the club for dismissal (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Former AC Milan Marco Fassone has decided to sue the Rossoneri club against his firing of last August signed by the new club course with the Elliott club and with the presidency of Paolo Scaroni. The Ansa writes it. According to the press agency, the first hearing will be held before the Milanese Labor Court Luigi Pazienza following the appeal of the former ad, assisted by the lawyer Francesco Rotondi, who claims that it was a "retaliation" dismissal he therefore asks for its annulment.

In the appeal filed with the Labor Court of Milan (the appeal of the dismissal was carried out with the so-called 'Fornero' rite, faster than others) cited by Ansa, Fassone, through his lawyer, complains about the "retaliation" of the dismissal to his damage, explaining that on July 21st the company made him a transaction offer of 2.5 million euros to leave and, from the moment he refused that proposal, he was fired.

Hence the request to the judge to declare the "nullity" of the dismissal which, if accepted, would result in the reinstatement as a manager in the company. According to the appeal of Fassone, moreover, the same motivation of the dismissal would be illegitimate. In the communication of the dismissal for "just cause" Milan had put forward what defined a "serious indifference and negligence with respect to the fundamental interests of our Company and the resources used in it" by Fassone, also referring to some "letters of disciplinary dispute ". In addition, the company spoke of "violations of duties" in relation to the "relationship of work with our Company, so serious as not to make possible the continuation even provisional of the relationship itself, having determined in an inevitable and radical, the coming less of the fiduciary element ". And the club itself also reserved "to undertake any appropriate action to protect us".

For Fassone, however, the negative considerations of Milan on his work and on the reasons for the dismissal were derived, as a "retaliation", only by his decision not to give the ok to the offer of transaction. Tomorrow in the first hearing there will be the constitution of the parties and then the proceeding will be postponed to another date, after the parties have already deposited to the judge full of memories in support of their reasons.

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