Milan. The fan’s protest against Suso: “As long as the horn sounds”

Milan. "Finché gioca Suso suono il clacson"

Milan Suso footballer (Ansa)

ROME – Despite the change of coach, Milan can no longer win. Yesterday, at the Meazza in front of his fans, he was reached at the last minute by the newly promoted Lecce. A 2 to 2 that for Pioli is a joke. For those who witnessed the game, they know of dangerous confirmation. As with Gianpaolo the team does not take off, the expected latitano protagonists, the fan is grumbling.

The most exasperated take it out on Suso , the definition of "Robben of the poor" (copyright Umberto Smaila) seems to be tailored to Spanish. Also yesterday, action from the right, feigned and left-footed shot in the area (his highlight, the only one?), Parade.

A particular fan has it with him. Since yesterday the horn is still sounding as a form of protest. As long as he sees it in the field he plays: the disturbance of public peace as a form of dispute, an amplified buu.

On twitter he posted a series of videos of him in the traffic with his hand fixed on the horn. "I wanted to tell Ac Milan that I, since I don't know what to do anymore, in protest until I will see Suso in the field, I will do this: I will go around playing the horn perpetually, until I no longer see Suso in the field", explains the fan in the first 'promotional' video in which he invites the Rossoneri people "to this form of protest".

"This is a form of civil protest that is necessary after all. I made the commitment and I go on, I don't care. Do not believe that it brings me some advantages, probably if they stop me they will take me to the barracks and I will have to explain to the appointment that I have made a commitment ".

"If you continue to deploy Suso you will have to explain to the authorities what is happening in this country, because everyone goes around playing."

The Milan article . The fan's protest against Suso: "As long as it plays the horn" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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