Milan-Sanremo 2020, Liguria (almost) disappeared: 13 municipalities deny the pass

Do you want to call it " classic ", better "classic", the famous cycling race of Spring, with sweat on the pedals in the Riviera, this anus is another thing.

Of the Milan-Sanremo, only the glorious name and memories remain: the 2020 edition includes the cutting of almost the entire Ligurian section.

Milan-Sanremo, only 40 km in Liguria

13 Municipalities, Savona and Loano in the lead, have denied authorization to let the caravan pass, the itinerary is distorted. It is already running on 8 August and not well before the summer as was tradition.

In addition, only about forty of the 291 km of the original track are saved. The passage of the Milan-Sanremo in the Savona area has been skipped.

After the position taken by the local mayors for the problems related to Covid and the viability that, in an area affected by a new Coronavirus cluster, asked for 600 stewards to ensure social distancing.

Request rejected by the organization of the race, RCS Sport / La Gazzetta dello Sport, which decided to cut the route on the western Ligurian Riviera for the first time in history.

“No Turchino, no Riviera, no Capo Mele, Cervo and Berta: a nice cut of 127 km from Liguria – reports Pier Augisto Stagi in Il Giornale -“.

Disappointed organizers, but do not rule out "attacks on Coppi"

Mauro Vegni is "disappointed" but is convinced that the new Milan-Sanremo route is "beautiful".

“For the Riviera – the RCS Sport Cycling Area Director explains to ANSA – it is a missed opportunity, it would have been the ideal spot for the restart.

The new route is very interesting and tactically it can lead to surprises: with the Col di Nava just 60 kilometers from the finish, I don't rule out attacks from afar, like the Coppi, from ancient cycling ”. (source Ansa)

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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