Milan-Roma, Mancini on Kjaer: there could be a penalty

MILAN – The first half of Milan- Rome was characterized by a single great episode of slow motion. Halfway through the first half of the game, Mancini unbalanced Kjaer in his penalty area ( here the images ).

Without this touch, Kjaer would probably have hit the head undisturbed by two steps. Mancini unbalanced him because he had been beaten on time. The referee did not award the penalty to Milan and did not even go to review the episode at the var.

Evidently the race director trusted the opinion of his assistants who followed the game in front of the monitors in the var room.

The first half did not bring great emotions because the two teams were literally paralyzed by the heat.

In San Siro they were 33 degrees and there was 60% humidity. Really too much to claim a spectacular game.

Milan-Roma, the Rossoneri have created more scoring chances but Dzeko has combined it big in front of goal.

However, Milan created three clear scoring chances. Two with Calhanoglu and one with Bonaventura. The Turk ate a header, while Bonaventura shot her in the curve from a good position. Calhanoglu also touched the goal directly on a free kick.

Roma had a single, huge, scoring opportunity. Dzeko was forgotten by the defense of Milan but he ate a header from two steps (very similar to the mistake of Calhanoglu).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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