Milan, reaction of pride on the transfer market: Ibrahimovic-Todibo is looking for a “double”

Milan, reazione d'orgoglio sul calciomercato: si cerca "doppietta" Ibrahimovic-Todibo

Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Milan's time (photo Ansa)

BERGAMO- The blow from Bergamo still hurts. For this reason AC Milan cannot exempt itself from a star transfer market. The team is weak, it must be strengthened at all costs. The Rossoneri cannot face an entire round of return with these staff otherwise there is the risk of other humiliations such as that of Bergamo.

For this reason Maldini and Boban are doing everything to place the "brace" Zlatan Ibrahimovic – Jean-Clair Todibo. A center forward and a defender to reinforce two areas of the field where the Rossoneri really struggle. In front there is very little sign, behind undergo networks in industrial quantities.

Before the Bergamo beating, Maldini had practically closed the Ibra affair with the following declarations: “Ibrahimovic? It's definitely an option, we've talked and we're continuing to talk, but there are other options too, that's for us to say. What is certain is that the further you go and, perhaps, the more difficult it becomes – he says to Sky Sport's microphones -, he played the last game on October 20 and for a 38-year-old boy stopping for more than two months is, however , pretty tough, I tried it … So if we think that for the eventual end of the season it would only be five months, it becomes difficult ".

But after Bergamo's humiliation, it is clear that things have changed. And not just because Stefano Pioli himself has practically publicly asked for the purchase of Ibrahimovic from Dazn's microphones: “When you have a very young team it is very complicated to be in difficulty compared to those who are more experienced – Pioli's words – today at the beginning of the second half was even worse than the first half. We tried to react but without lucidity. The company knows what assessments I am making and on the market we will see what will happen. "

On the possible arrival of Ibrahimovic he explains: “These are questions you have to ask the managers, I have already expressed my thoughts, he is a great champion who would raise the competitiveness, that desire and that determination that you then need in the game. Today's performance is the result of a bad week and the responsibility is also mine ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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