Milan, Marco Giampaolo introduces himself: “I want to win with a fascinating game”

Milan, Marco Giampaolo si presenta: "Voglio vincere con gioco affascinante"

Milan, Marco Giampaolo introduces himself: "I want to win with a fascinating game" (photo Ansa)

MILAN – "I worked hard to get this chance, for me Milan is a great opportunity". These are the first words of Marco Giampaolo as a Rossoneri coach. "I worked hard – says Giampaolo in a passage in the interview with Milan TV, which the club anticipated to ANSA – Milan is the most successful club in Europe and one of the most important. For me it's a great opportunity, I'm happy and motivated. The path has been long, it will still be long because there is never an end, we never stop building ideas, projects and things ".

"The mission, the vision must be to play an attractive and fascinating football and then, through that kick, get to win games. The history of Milan tells of a club and a team that has always sought beauty, aesthetics as well as the result. Or rather, to achieve the result through the beauty of the game ".

This will be the first goal of Marco Giampaolo, interviewed exclusively by Giulianova from Milan TV.

"The Rossoneri club – we read on the club's website – has won titles by offering football, now I don't have the presumption to compare myself to that Milan but that must be the goal. As for culture, I think I am in a club where there is knowledge of what it means to play football, because he has been used to it this way. "

Giampaolo will anticipate "a few days" his arrival at Milanello compared to the July 9 rally, "to get acquainted with the Rossoneri environment as soon as possible" and view the facilities.

"I was struck by the seriousness of Boban and Maldini, by their competence and passion.
They convey the meaning of Milan, of what it means to play in Milan, train it or be part of this club. They are level and thick people. We will get to know each other working together because now we can tell each other everything, but the experiences gained day after day on the labor field refine the interactions between men. Their story, however, tells a lot, as does their passion that was contagious. "

These are the first impressions of Marco Giampaolo according to whom "playing at San Siro is always a special emotion, I consider it the most fascinating stadium in Italy".
Giampaolo expects a challenging championship: "In recent years it has been increasingly competitive, with the return of Sarri and Conte it will be even more so. There has been a change of mentality in many teams. Even the small ones have the ambition to go and play and therefore the differences are subtle. It will be a challenging championship "(source Ansa).

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