Milan, Marcelino García Toral in place of Pioli from next summer?

Milan, Marcelino García Toral al posto di Pioli dalla prossima estate?

Milan, Marcelino García Toral could take the place of Stefano Pioli starting next summer (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Ibrahimovic's arrival has revived Milan's enthusiasm but the Champions League goal is still far away. We need other champions and a technician who can guide them to victory. The Rossoneri are thinking of Marcelino García Toral for the next season. The Spanish coach is ready to get back into the game, his statements are reported by Tutto Mercato Web: “I wasn't ready to train immediately. I wait and wish a good project for the new season. There are many possibilities that you train outside of Spain. It would be an exciting challenge. "

Milan, Marcelino García Toral has bewitched the Rossoneri with his offensive football.

Marcelino García Toral is a coach who prefers an offensive game. After some unhappy experiences, he managed to establish himself at high levels on the benches of Villarreal and Valencia. With Valencia, he also managed to win a Spanish Cup, snatching a trophy from big clubs such as Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, in 2019. During his coaching career, he never left Spain, he collected a total of 602 matches with 276 wins, 158 draws and 168 defeats. Its overall balance sheet is in surplus.

Marcelino García Toral is not the only coach to have been placed next to the Rossoneri bench, in the last few hours there has also been talk of Massimiliano Allegri but the former Juventus coach would prefer to go to train abroad.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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