Milan, letter of dismissal for Boban. Maldini, Ibrahimovic and Pioli also bid farewell

Milan, lettera di licenziamento per Boban. Anche Maldini, Ibrahimovic e Pioli verso l'addio

Milan, letter of dismissal for Boban. Maldini, Ibrahimovic and Pioli also bid farewell (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Milan is a revolution. Revolution that has already begun and that will complete its work in the summer. All the powers were held in the hands of the ad Ivan Gazidis. The former Arsenal manager has bypassed the managers of the technical area, Boban and Maldini, and has already blocked the coach for next season, he is Red Bull's Rangnick.

Maldini is expected to leave at the end of the season while Boban has already been fired because he "dared" to publicly criticize CEO Gazidis for his negotiation with Rangnick when the season is still underway. According to Boban, this is destabilizing for the environment and does not make the current coach Stefano Pioli work with serenity.

Milan, Boban criticized Gazidis: "Incorrectness on Rangnick".

Boban's words to the Gazzetta dello Sport that cost him the dismissal:

Milan united? I believed it … On Rangnick impropriety, speak Elliott. The fact that we talk about these things is not good for anyone, especially on the eve of an important game, as are all those that we are playing now.

The worst thing is that this happens at a time when you see a great job by Stefano Pioli. Not having warned us was disrespectful and inelegant. It's not from Milan. At least what we remembered was AC Milan.

For the sake of the club, ownership intervenes, but must be precise on budget and objectives. Despite the cuts, we don't know what margins we will have. "

Boban and Paolo Maldini, now delegitimized, will not be the only goodbyes. The coach Stefano Pioli will also go away, replaced precisely by Rangnick, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, considered too far ahead of the years and with an excessively bulky personality. Rangnick's AC Milan will be made up almost entirely of young hopefuls, as Ivan Gazidis and Elliott want.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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