Milan-Lecce, the slow motion: Conti arm, just rigor. Biglia-Mancosu, doubtful contact

Rigore Milan Lecce Conti Biglia episodi da moviola var

Babacar missed the penalty but scored on the riveted (Sky Sports still image)

MILAN – After a first half without too many thoughts for the referee Pasqua, the recovery was definitely more complex from the point of view of the slow-motion episodes. It all happened within two minutes. At 57 ′, Biglia was overtaken by Mancosu and pushed him from behind. The contact is light but the Lecce striker falls. For the referee it is not rigor and there are not even extremes to go to consult the var.

It completely changes the yardstick a minute later. Conti rejects a cross from the right of Farias with his arm. The referee wants to see clearly and goes to review the episode on the monitor of the var. After a brief consultation, he assigns the shot from eleven meters to Lecce. Babacar if it does parry from Donnarumma but then it is good to mark on the rejected. The race is still ongoing.

Milan-Lecce, var assigns rigor to the Puglia: Babacar marks on the rejected of Donnarumma.

Pioli made his debut with Milan 4-3-3 with Donnarumma; Conti, Musacchio, Romagnoli, Hernandez; Paquetá, Biglia, Kessié; Suso, Leao and Calhanoglu. The former Inter coach sent Piatek to the bench, preferring Leao.

Liverani lines up Lecce 4-3-1-2 with Gabriel; Meccariello, Rossettini, Lucioni, Calderoni; Majer, Tachtsidis, Tabanelli; Mancosu; Falco and Babacar.

Milan immediately close to scoring with Leao. The Rossoneri striker kicked from a good position hitting only the outside of the net. At 5 ', Panagiotis looks for the goal with a volley that does not find Milan's goal. Rossoneri very close to scoring on 11 ', Calhanoglu's bomb shot comes out of a whisker.

At 12 ', Biglia kicked into the goal from a tight angle. His shot was rejected on the line by Lucioni. The Rossoneri asked for his penalty for his alleged handball while the referee did not assign him because Lucioni rejected his conclusion with his shoulder.

The goal was in the air and arrived at 19 'with Calhanoglu. The Turk kicked with his right foot, from a tight angle, but managed to surprise a Gabriel out of position. At 33 ', Kessie's cross shot from the right was blocked without too many problems by Gabriel, the Rossoneri masters of the field but the doubling is late in coming. The first half ended with Milan ahead of a goal against Lecce.

At 56 ', Leao was forgotten by the Lecce defense but in front of Gabriel failed to frame the door mirror. Leao moved very well on the whole offensive front but missed precision in front of the opposing goalkeeper.

At 57 ', Biglia intervenes in a dubious manner on Mancosu in the Rossoneri penalty area. Mancosu had jumped him, Biglia touched him from behind with one hand. According to the referee this contact was not a penalty.

The race director did not go to see him at the monitor of the var. At 58 ', Conti touched the ball with his arm in his penalty area after a cross by Farias. Pasqua went to see him at the var and he awarded the penalty to Lecce.

Babacar kicked to the right of Donnarumma, the Milan goalkeeper rejected his conclusion but was unable to do anything about the winning rivalry of the same Lecce striker. The Apulians drew at 61 '. The race is still ongoing.

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