Milan-Juventus, Rossoneri fans furious with referee: “Penalty at 90 ‘and return without Ibrahimovic, Hernandez and Castillejo”

Milan-Juventus, tifosi rossoneri furiosi con arbitro: "Rigore al 90' e ritorno senza Ibrahimovic, Hernandez e Castillejo"

Milan-Juventus, AC Milan fans protest against the referee for the penalty awarded to the bianconeri at 90 'and for the yellow cards that cost the disqualification to Ibrahimovic, Hernandez and Castillejo (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Social revolt of AC Milan fans after the final whistle of the referee Valeri. According to the Rossoneri fans, the match director would have directed the game, and therefore also the qualification, on the side of Juventus. AC Milan fans protest against the admonitions, defined by their scientists, against Ibrahimovic, Hernandez and Castillejo.

The three players, who are the current stars of this Milan, will miss the return match, the one that will give away a place in the Italian Cup final, because they were wary. Ibrahimovic and Castillejo were booked, while Hernandez was sent off for a second yellow card. But it does not end here, the Milan fans have also laughed at the penalty awarded to Juventus 90 'which allowed the bianconeri to end the game on 1-1.

The eleven meters shot was awarded, after consulting the var, for a touch with the hand of Calabria on a close upside-down by Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Milan fans, it is a penalty invented for the touch of Calabria is not voluntary. The controversy is struggling to subside and within a few hours almost 40,000 tweets have been published on this topic.

Italian Cup, AC Milan-Juventus 1-1: Cristiano Ronaldo replied to Rebic. Ibrahimovic, Hernandez and Castillejo will miss the return.

Juventus grabs the draw against Milan at 90 'and gains the favor of the prediction in view of the return match on March 4th which will assign a place in the Italian Cup final. Until 71 ', Milan had been the master of the field. He had scored a goal with Rebic and had touched the doubling several times. The match changed with Hernandez being sent off for a second yellow card.

From that moment on, Juve threw himself forward in desperate search for a draw that reached the 90 'thanks to a penalty earned and transformed by Ronaldo. Calabria touched the ball with his hand on a close-up kick from the Portuguese.

The referee decided to award the penalty after consulting the var. Milan will appear in the return match without Ibrahimovic (yellow card), Hernandez (sent off for a second yellow card) and Castillejo (yellow card), were warned and were all sanctioned by the referee.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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