Milan in chaos: Bakayoko arrives late to training, Gattuso orders punitive withdrawal

Milan nel caos: Bakayoko arriva tardi all'allenamento, Gattuso ordina il ritiro punitivo

Milan in chaos: Bakayoko arrives late to training, Gattuso orders punitive withdrawal. Photos ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

MILAN – Milan in chaos, the management confirms Gattuso but confidence in the Calabrian coach is now at an all-time low. While Gattuso tries to bring the team into the Champions League, the Milan managers are probing various tracks for the technician next season. Meanwhile Bakayoko came late to training, this infuriated Gattuso who decided to send the team in retreat.

Milan in punitive retreat, Gattuso tries to regain control over the team.

Milan will be in retreat at Milanello for five days, from tomorrow afternoon until the match on Monday night with Bologna. Rino Gattuso and the company decided, according to the club's explanation, to try to shake up the team and make the group more cohesive in view of the last four days useful to link the qualification to the Champions.

Already heavy for the crisis of results that made Gattuso's bench shake, confirmed until the end of the season, the atmosphere at Milanello – where Leonardo was also present in the morning – became heavier today when Tiemoué Bakayoko appeared in about an hour delay in training, probably also due to the traffic caused by an accident. The withdrawal was announced today to the team, which will meet tomorrow at 16.30 for training.

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis gave a brief speech to the team at the resumption of training, after the defeat against Torino, and the rest day when the company confirmed its confidence in Rino Gattuso to try to win the Champions League qualification League in the last four league days. Gazidis followed the training together with the general manager of the technical-sports area, Leonardo, and both embraced Gattuso before leaving Milanello, as the images of the video published by the club on Instagram tell.

At three points from the fourth place occupied by Atalanta, Milan next Monday will be busy at San Siro against Bologna.
Meanwhile, the company announced the extension of the contract for the 2000 class goalkeeper Alessandro Plizzari until 2023.
Source: Ansa.

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