Milan, Ibrahimovic: “I wanted to score and celebrate like God. Goals will come next”

Milan, Ibrahimovic: "Volevo segnare ed esultare come Dio. Gol arriverà la prossima"

Milan, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Rafael Leao during the match against Sampdoria (photo Ansa)

MILAN – Zlatan Ibrahimovic returned to play for AC Milan but failed to score during the home match against Sampdoria. The Swedish center forward had only one lead but was unable to angle his conclusion allowing Audero to block it without any problem. At the end of the race, Ibra made the following statements to Sky Sport: "I wanted to score and cheer under the curve like God. I will definitely score next time".

The statements made by Zlatan Ibrahimovic to Sky Sport are reported by the Corriere dello Sport: “He felt so much adrenaline, so much emotion. I was carrying them already 9-10 years ago. The relationship with the fans here is always positive, always beautiful. They give me many reasons to do something and pay them back.

In the last part of the field there is a lot of confidence, aggression to score goals, we are less concrete in the penalty area. You have to understand what to do to get the most out of the team. I have been here for 4 days, I will try to help in every way.

There is no trust and malice. I explained to Rafael Leão what movements he must make when the ball arrives, this is all experience. We work, we train, we have to suffer for the moment.

The fans are not 100% happy, but it is normal, the results are not positive. We work and think positive. I am very excited for the embrace at 'San Siro', I was very concentrated on the field to score a goal and go to make the exultation like God under the curve. The next game the goal comes … ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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