Milan-Genoa 2-1 highlights and report cards, Romagnoli decisive: rossoneri in 4th place

Milan-Genoa 2-1 highlights e pagelle: Romagnoli decisivo, prima l'autogol e poi il gol

Milan-Genoa 2-1 highlights and report cards: Romagnoli decisive, first the own goal and then the goal (Ansa)

MILAN, STADIUM GIUSEPPE MEAZZA 'SAN SIRO' – Milan 2-1 Genoa , goal: Suso 3 ', Alessio Romagnoli 56' own goal and Alessio Romagnoli 91 '. Match valid as recovery of the Italian Serie A football league

With a left-handed lob by Romagnoli from outside the area in the minutes of recovery Milan beat (2-1) the Genoa and linked Lazio in the Champions League. Mission accomplished for the team of Gattuso, who took the lead after 4 ', then suffered for an hour until the draw of Genoa, an own of the same Romagnoli, generated by a mess of Bakayoko, and finally found the three points.

Accomplice of a rash fist of Radu, who ended up giving the defender Rossonero the assist, after a series of feats with which he had rejected the assaults of Higuain and his companions. Thanks to the victory in the recovery of the game postponed in mid-August after the collapse of the Morandi bridge, Milan goes to 18 points, 2 more than last year at this time, when Montella on the bench was eighth.

To return to the Champions League after five years, now the Rossoneri need continuity, between the trip to Udine and the big match with Juventus, and after the break there is a direct confrontation with Lazio. The Genoa remains 14 points but is not downsized by the test of San Siro, where he will return against Inter on Saturday, but without the disqualified Criscito. Juric's team was good at taking advantage of Milan's flaws, and is increasingly adhering to the tactical dictates of Juric.

Milan instead continues the metamorphosis, looking for the right formula: in a week passes from 4-3-3 to two points, then to the three-way defense, already used by Gattuso at the beginning of his Rossoneri adventure with revisable results (knockouts) Rijeka, draw in Benevento). The tactical surprise was launched after the forfeit of Biglia, who in the finishing in the morning stopped for problems on a calf. In place of the Argentine director there is the first time in the Bakayoko league, still disappointing, sometimes disastrous in the management of the ball and has the responsibility of the draw.

Biraschi and Gunter above all in the first half have a careful guard on Higuain and Cutrone, and the Argentine shows signs of nervousness after half an hour because he is not very involved with his companions. After 4 'Suso is invented by himself 1-0, with his usual movement to return and shot left-handed by twenty meters (so he scored 9 of the last 11 goals in the league) that makes Mazzitelli look bad. Calhanoglu is evanescent in the position of playmaker, and the median of Genoa plays much better than the Rossoneri, with Romulus and Zukanovic repeatedly creating pitfalls.

At 23 'a deviation of Romagnoli neutralized a turn of Piatek (dry for the third game in a row), and sometimes Milan also hurts himself: in the 36' a back pass of Bakayoko puts in trouble Donnarumma and 39 ' is the goalkeeper to show his limits with his feet, but in both cases does not take advantage of the Genoa, which at 40 'close the goal with a header Romulo. In the second half Bakayoko put Milan in trouble on 11 'with a back pass in the air for Rodriguez who ended up serving Kouamé, whose cross was deflected in goal by Romagnoli.

While Gattuso returns to the defense to four by inserting Abate for Laxalt (18 '), in the other door shines instead Radu, which is passed twice on Higuain, then on Kessie and Suso. But the latest fist release turns into an assist for Romagnoli and the Rossoneri party explodes.

The Milan-Genoa report cards 2-1

Milan-Genoa 2-1 (1-0). Milan (3-4-3): G.Donnarumma 6.5, Musacchio 6.5, Romagnoli 7, Rodriguez 6, Kessie 6, Bakayoko 4, Calhanoglu 5 (from 38 'st Castillejo sv), Laxalt 5.5 (from 18' st Abate 5.5) , Suso 6.5, Higuain 6, Cutrone 5.5. (25 Reina, 90 A. Donnarumma, 4 Mauri, 11 Borini, 12 Counts, 16 Bertolacci, 17 Zapata, 56 Simic, 77 Halilovic, 95 Bellanova). All .: Gattuso 6.

Genoa (3-5-2): Radu 5.5, Biraschi 6.5, Gunter 6, Criscito 5.5, Lazovic 6, Romulo 6.5 (from 21 'st Veloso 6), Mazzitelli 5 (from 33' st Omeonga sv), Bessa 6, Zukanovic 5.5, Kouamé 6.5, Piatek 5.5 (from 40 'st Pandev sv). (23 Russian, 25 Vodisek, 5 Lopez, 10 Lapadula, 18 Rolon, 26 Dalmonte, 32 Pereira, 45 Medeiros, 88 Hiljemark). All. Juric 6.

Referee: Tivoli Easter 6.5. Networks: in the pt '4' Suso; in st 11 'Romagnoli (aut), 46' Romagnoli Angoli: 7-2 for Milan. Recovery: 0 'and 3'. Ammonites: Criscito, Kessie, Veloso, Rodriguez for foul play. Var: 0. Spectators: 46,720 for a collection of 1,146,233.76 euros.

** THE GOL – 4 'pt: Suso frees himself with a dribbling of Mazzitelli and from the limit he leaves a left-footed shot at the end of the pole that bends his hands to Radu – 11' st: back pass by Bakayoko in the area, Kouamé on the right is quick to collect the ball for a shot-cross that slams on the leg of Romagnoli and slips into a dove under the intersection

– 46 'st: Radu goes out of the penalty spot and rejects the punch, Romagnoli over the goalkeeper from the edge with a lob after a half turned upside down.

The Milan-Genoa highlights 2-1

91 'Milan won the game at the last assault. Decisive goal by Alessio Romagnoli, who redeemed himself after the momentary 1-1, lobed. Milan's central defender turned an uncertain victory from Radu into gold.

83 'Genoa close to the goal. Conclusion Lazovic low shot, Donnarumma is overcome and deflects the ball in a corner.

71 'Kessie close to the goal. Higuain lost the ball but the Ivorian midfielder arrived on the ball. His conclusion is powerful, but central, and Radu manages to deflect it in a corner.

67 '- Milan's reaction is entrusted to Gonzalo Higuain. The Argentinian striker got rid of the opposing mark and kicked with power but failed to score because Radu deflected for a corner with his fists.

56 '- Genoa draw. Cross by Kouame and decisive detour by Alessio Romagnoli behind Gigio Donnarumma.

47 '- Milan close to the goal at the beginning of recovery. Gonzalo Higuain's goal was deflected by Criscito and Radu avoided the goal with a marvelous parade.

45 '- End of the first half. Milan are ahead of Genoa. Until now, the network scored by the former Suso makes a difference after just three minutes of play.

41 '- Donnarumma missed the postponement from the back and passed the ball to Lazovic but the Genoa player did not pull on goal, he crossed and wasted a good scoring chance.

30 ' Milan touches the doubling. Powerful shot of Calhanoglu, Radu's ground parade. Milan are pressing to find the second goal, that of tranquility.

15 '- Genoa touches the draw. Kouame's sure blow finish and Gigio Donnarumma's miraculous parade.

10 '- Milan almost doubled. Patrick Cutrone freed himself from Zukanovic's mark and kicked for Genoa's goal from the edge of the rossoblù penalty area. His shot was blocked by Radu.

3 '- Milan goal. Suso has scored a splendid network. The attacker in the Spanish national team received a ball from Calhanoglu and beat Radu with a powerful left from the long distance. San Siro exploded.

Milan (3-5-2): Donnarumma; Musacchio, Romagnoli, Rodriguez; Suso, Kessié, Bakayoko, Calhanoglu, Laxalt; Cutrone, Higuain. All. Gattuso Genoa (3-5-2): Radu; Biraschi, Günter, Criscito; Lazovic, Romulo, Mazzitelli, Bessa, Zukanovic; Kouame, Piatek. All. Juric

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