Milan, Gattuso waives his salary to charge his staff: goodbye from a gentleman

Milan, Gattuso rinuncia allo stipendio per far pagare il suo staff

Milan, Gattuso waives his salary to charge his staff. Photo ANSA / SERENA CAMPANINI

MILAN – Gattuso said goodbye to Milan as a gentleman. The Calabrian coach has renounced his salary, recently renewed, leaving on the table almost 11 million euros gross for the next two years in order to have his assistants the full salary that is up to them until 2021, equal to about 5 million of gross euros. Gattuso motivated this decision by saying that for him Milan is not just any team, his was an act of love for his favorite team.

Milan, it's revolution. With Gattuso, he also leaves the manager Leonardo.

The revolution at Casa Milan comes within 24 hours of failing to qualify for the Champions League, the sixth in a row. Rino Gattuso and Leonardo respectively leave the role of coach and director of the technical area due to differences of view with respect to the club's chief executive and plenipotentiary, Ivan Gazidis.

If Leonardo's decision had been in the air for a few days now (the fault of a weakened role), Gattuso's arrived after a long meeting with Gazidis, in which the two protagonists agreed, in a "harmonious" atmosphere, which did not there were the basics to move forward together.

The strategies are too different: Gattuso would like to introduce some experienced players to make the qualitative leap, instead the ad wants to continue on the green line chosen by the Elliott fund.

It remains now to define the future of Paolo Maldini, who could be joined in the role of external consultant by the ds of Lille, Luis Campos, specializing in capital gains: this would be the path chosen by the club to return from a budget red of 126 million in last consolidated.

For the Milan bench – in these hectic hours – the names of Di Francesco, Giampaolo and Simone Inzaghi are made, with the suggestion for the return of Allegri. Gattuso instead is a profile that appeals to Rome, Sampdoria, Monaco and Newcastle (source Ansa).

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