Milan football match, Piatek arrives on Tuesday. Wednesday visits and signature

Calciomercato Milan, Piatek arriva martedì. Mercoledì visite e firma

Milan football match, Piatek arrives on Tuesday. Wednesday visits and signature of ANSA / SIMONE ARVEDA

MILAN – "Disappointed by Higuain? I'm not disappointed, I know how a player and the people around him reason. I did everything, I behaved like a decent person and he behaved very, very well for me. I accept the choice. This happened also with Bonucci. He could do something more and we could put him in a position to express himself better. But that's okay, "noted Gattuso and, commenting on the difficulty of adaptation that the striker and his defender had, he told an episode that may sound like a moral.

"It happened to me too, after 14 seasons of Milan I went into a small context at the Sion. I came from a problem in the eyes, after 3 or 4 days I got the monkey to leave, I did not feel at ease, I did not enjoy myself – he recalled -. I sat down, I said the step back I had to do it myself. Then you identify yourself with how others think, do not break the boxes. I took 3-4 steps back: you have to be good at making yourself available, not looking for perfect things. Piatek arrives ? He is certainly a player with important characteristics but as long as he is not official it makes no sense to talk about it ". The Polish player should arrive in Milan on Tuesday evening and then support the medical visits on Wednesday morning and sign the contract with the Rossoneri after having overcome them.

Gattuso: "I'm proud of the Super Cup but the Juventus won it"

The pride of having held on to Juventus in the Italian Super Cup is not enough for Rino Gattuso. "Pride we can also put it … – Milan coach bitterly smiled without concluding the sentence -. The cup is on Juve's wall, we have to start from that performance. If tomorrow against Genoa we do a different performance we do not one, but ten steps back ".

"On a physical level we are not bad, we did a bit of charade to Gedda when we stayed in ten but I saw great spirit. The difference between us and Juventus is that they always have something more on the mental level, of malice and agonism ", added Gattuso, admitting that he was" worried by the fact that at this moment we need to look for tranquility, of the game. And tomorrow we will miss four players. But the worry must be put aside and do things enthusiastically ".

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