Milan, choruses in San Siro on the collapse of the Ponte Morandi? Toti and Bucci: “Shame”

Milan, cori a San Siro sul crollo del Ponte Morandi? Toti e Bucci: "Vergogna"

A segment of AC Milan fans (photo ANSA)

MILAN – "We smell fishy, ​​you have the bridge collapsed". These are the words of the choir that a small group of Milan supporters, in the second ring of San Siro, would have sung during the game against Sampdoria on January 6th. The controversy swelled on social networks. The Blucerchiata company is looking for confirmation on what happened to understand whether to act or not. But the case is not on the scoresheet of the Sports Judge and not even the visiting fans have reported the choirs on the collapse of the Morandi Bridge .

On the presumed chorus, the reaction of the president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti arrived: “The Milan-Sampdoria match had to stop for the squalid choirs made by people who cannot be called fans but just idiots. We immediately ask for an intervention from the Serie A League. All of Italy must cheer for us, not against. It's a bad football page that we don't like and don't represent us. Immediately an apology ”. To Toti's words were added those of the first citizen of Genoa Marco Bucci : “Offensive expressions not only for the Genoese community but for the whole of Italy that on 14 August 2018 experienced a tragedy crying 43 victims, counting hundreds of displaced families and putting at risk the economy of a city projected towards the future. A chorus that deeply touches the pain of those who lost children, brothers, family and friends that day. A choir that opens heavy wounds. An unworthy choir that does not reflect the spirit with which millions of Italians lived that moment. He teased – Bucci adds – between football curves, he must respect the canon of dignity which, in this case, has been largely overcome. I hope that those of duty can take the necessary measures to condemn certain attitudes and that episodes of this type will never happen again ". Source: CORRIERE DELLA SERA.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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