Milan and Inter in chorus: “Let’s throw down San Siro to build the new stadium”

Milan e Inter in coro: "Buttiamo giù San Siro per costruire il nuovo stadio"

Milan and Inter in choir: "Let's throw down San Siro to build the new stadium". Photos ANSA / MATTEO BAZZI

MILAN – The joint battle between Milan and Inter continues for the new stadium . The two clubs in Milan have decided to leave San Siro to move, a few meters away, to another more modern and more functional facility for the needs of the fans.

A further confirmation comes from Lausanne where the Milan president Paolo Scaroni, in the company of the a.d. of the nerazzurri Alessandro Antonello, he addressed the stadium theme with the following statements that are reported by the Gazzetta dello Sport in its online edition.

"Everything is progressing. Together we will make a new San Siro next to the old in the same area of ​​the concession. The old man will be knocked out and in his place there will be new buildings. Times will not be short because it is a very complicated procedure. It would be nice if the Olympics ceremony (if this afternoon Milan-Cortina will be preferred to Aare-Stockholm, ed) was done in the new San Siro, but we are not sure ”.

Shortly before Paolo Scaroni's statements, there were those of Marco Giampaolo who was made official as Milan's new coach. His statements are reported by Ansa.

"I worked hard to get this chance, for me Milan is a great opportunity." These are the first words of Marco Giampaolo as a Rossoneri coach. "I worked hard – says Giampaolo in a passage in the interview with Milan TV, which the club anticipated to ANSA – Milan is the most successful club in Europe and one of the most important. For me it's a great opportunity, I'm happy and motivated. The path has been long, it will still be long because there is never an end, we never stop building ideas, projects and things ".

"The mission, the vision must be to play an attractive and fascinating football and then, through that kick, get to win games. The history of Milan tells of a club and a team that has always sought beauty, aesthetics as well as the result. Or rather, to achieve the result through the beauty of the game ". This will be the first goal of Marco Giampaolo, interviewed exclusively by Giulianova from Milan TV.

"The Rossoneri club – we read on the club's website – has won titles by offering football, now I don't have the presumption to compare myself to that Milan but that must be the goal. As for culture, I think I am in a club where there is knowledge of what it means to play football, because he has been used to it this way. " Giampaolo will anticipate "a few days" his arrival at Milanello compared to the July 9 rally, "to get acquainted with the Rossoneri environment as soon as possible" and view the facilities.

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