Mike Tyson at the age of 54 returns to the ring: he will challenge Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition match

Mike Tyson, 54, returns to the ring.

Mike Tyson will challenge Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition match, an eight-round preparatory match.

Iron Mike had hinted at his return a few months ago when in a short video posted on his Instagram profile he was seen during a training session with his coach.

At the end of the video he turns to the camera and snarls at the lens: "I'm back".

His last meeting dates back to 2005.

Only last April Tyson had declared that he wanted to play some matches for charity.

At the time, Iron Mike had talked about 3-4 rounds maximum:

“My intention is to get back in shape to be able to take 3-4 round matches for charity.

Some of these performances help homeless people and people with drug problems like I did. "

But now Tyson seems to have raised the bar.

The meeting with Roy Jones Jr, in fact, will be eight rounds. Still an exhibition match, I agree, but still a meeting that will certainly not be a walk.

It will not be a walk for Tyson and it will certainly not be a walk for Roy Jones Jr.

In short: Tyson has managed, once again, to be talked about. Next time he will do it, once again, from inside a ring. (Source: Ansa ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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