Mike Tyson and the social video business, here is training with his dog Mars

ROME – Mike Tyson has decided to focus on the business of videos shared on social networks. Thanks to the visualizations of these videos, Tyson would have already gained a fortune.

In the latest video posted on the net, Tyson trains at home with his dog Mars. The ex boxer is 53 years old but moves with the agility of a twenty year old. This movie has collected many "likes" and comments up to become viral on social networks.

Earning on the net with videos is not a mystery but Tyson would have discovered it recently. Videos on YouTube or on social networks have always made money with views, as long as they are mind-boggling numbers.

But Tyson, who is a legend in the boxing world, has no such problems as he is followed by millions of followers.

But Tyson's business does not stop with the videos uploaded on social media, he recently signed a contract with "Cameo", a website that allows users, for a fee, to receive personalized birthday greetings from their idol.

Tyson is not the only VIP to have signed up with this website, Dwight Howard, an NBA star who plays with the Los Angeles Lakers, recently joined.

These videos last just fifteen seconds and cost the beauty of three hundred dollars. An important figure but that is still within the reach of the most avid fans. It should also be said that this figure is in line with US wages which are significantly higher than Italian ones.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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