Mihajlovic is sick, needs treatment: goodbye to Bologna or a short stop?

Sinisa Mihajlovic è malato, deve curarsi: addio al Bologna o breve stop?

The first page of the Corriere dello Sport with the news of Mihajlovic's illness

ROME – Sinisa Mihajlovic stops indefinitely for treatment: the Corriere dello Sport launches the scoop on the front page. According to the newspaper directed by Ivan Zazzaroni, the Bologna coach will not show up on the first day of the withdrawal of the rossoblu sqaudra for the next season. Due to an unknown disease, the Serbian technician will be forced to undergo a "shock therapy".

So far the rumors in the press. It will be then the same Mihajlovic, explains the Corriere dello Sport, to announce his conditions at a press conference to be held on the afternoon of Saturday 13 July. It would not be easy to deduce a seasonal or minor illness. But any other information is currently top secret. Including that, which will probably be the same Mihajlovic to provide to journalists and fans, whether it will be a short absence or whether he will be forced to leave his current position.

Solidarity on social media.

The news has struck like a bolt from the blue on professionals, Bologna fans and simple football fans. In a few hours the hashtag #Forzasinisa became viral and thousands of encouraging comments arrived against the former player (among others) from Sampdoria, Lazio and Inter.

Mihajlovic's confirmation in Bologna.

Mihajlovic had been confirmed at the helm of Bologna after he had led the club towards a salvation in the last months of last season which, at the time of his arrival, was far from obvious. Having taken over from Pippo Inzaghi during the current season, the Serb managed to bring the Rossoblu team from the backwaters of the relegation zone to an unexpected salvation, arrived through a series of favorable results in the last part of the season.

Hence the confirmation of the company, arrived together with the confirmation of some key players for the comeback of the last period: the various Sansone, Soriano, Orsolini were all redeemed and for the moment none of the prized pieces of the rose were sold to the highest bidder . Just think of the Dijks case, the full-back who was courted by Milan: the offer of the Rossoneri was refused. Mihajlovic himself was approached for a few days by Juventus, before the Bianconeri announced the signing of Maurizio Sarri. (Source Corriere dello Sport).

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