Mihajlovic in tears: “I have leukemia but I will win this game” VIDEO

Mihajlovic in lacrime: "Ho la leucemia ma vincerò questa partita"

Mihajlovic stops and bursts into tears during the press conference where he announces he has leukemia (Sky Sports still image)

BOLOGNA – Mihajlovic has leukemia . He announced it himself in a press conference at the Bologna sports center in Casteldebole with words that moved everyone. The technician burst into tears but declared war on the disease: "I'm sure I will defeat her. I owe it to my family and to all the people who love me. "

The press conference began with the statements by Bologna sports director Walter Sabatini: "The coach wanted to meet the press with great courage to explain his health situation. We are close to him. This man to my right is our leader and he will be until the end of the contract. We are by his side and we always will be. We are sure that the coach will defeat his illness. I prefer Sinisa, even sick and not 100%, to any other coach ".

Then a moved Sinisa Mihajlovic took the floor: "When I arrived, Walter was not well and he stole the show so I did everything to make him worse off and come back into the spotlight. I asked the press for privacy because I wanted to be the first to publicly explain my situation. Unfortunately some newspapers have preferred to sell a hundred more copies but these journalists have certainly lost my friendship.

I did some analysis that showed anomalies. I will tell the truth, I will say things as they are. I said I had a fever to take the spotlight off and calm my wife. Even if he didn't believe it because I hadn't had a fever for twenty years. I did further tests which showed that I have leukemia.

For me it was a bad blow. I stayed in the room for two days. I cried, I reflected, it was a blow. My whole life has passed before me. Now they are in tears but they are not tears of fear. Indeed I have courage, I will face it with my head held high.

I want to beat her. Tuesday I will go to the hospital and start my battle to win it. My leukemia is in acute form but I still have chances to win so I will give everything to myself. I also announced it to my players through a video conference. I told them that I will deal with the disease as they face the games.

You have to attack the opponent to beat him. I will win this battle. I will win it for my wife, for my children, for my family. I thank all those who sent me thousands of messages but I wanted to be alone. I didn't answer him but I'm sure they'll understand me. I thank all of Bologna because they made me feel like one of the family ”.

"On February 28th I took some exams and it was all right, by the end of May as well. I did a simple blood test these days and found out I had leukemia. We all think we are invincible, but it is not. The only thing to do is try to prevent these situations. This can happen to everyone. The disease changes your life and it is easier to fight it only thanks to prevention. I hope to be able to tell that I also won this battle ".

After the technician's statements, those of the Bologna doctor Gianni Nanni arrived and reassured him that the technician could continue to train (here the video) . Nanni explained how they became aware of leukemia: "The day before the retreat we feared that Sinisa might have leukemia. It started with a suspicion, we discovered the truth within five days. The certainty came before the withdrawal. Today it is possible to recover from leukemia even in a short time ”.

"The coach is fine, it's not true he had a fever. Sorry for the lie, the coach has no symptoms. He presented himself with a problem typical of an athlete after the holidays. We did an MRI where it was found that there was a bone level signal to investigate. Mihajlovic will begin treatment on Tuesday, he will be hospitalized. Then he can recover his business. We can't say how long it will take because we don't yet know the type of leukemia. Mihajlovic will come back stronger than before. We demand the maximum reserve for the coach in the next few weeks when we will do all the necessary care ".

The intervention was closed by the ds Walter Sabatini who had also opened it: "The coach has spoken to everyone and it seems to me a very beautiful thing. The Saputo family is at the coach's side, let's go ahead together. I would have hidden myself in a cave instead of Mihajlovic. "

Alexander Jakhnagiev's Vista Agency video with Mihajlovic's moving announcement: "I have leukemia but I will win this game. I will face the disease and defeat it head on and with my chest out ".

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