Mihajlovic, his doctor speaks: “That’s when he can return to the bench”

Mihajlovic medico panchina Bologna altre volte ma non durante cicli terapie

Mihajlovic on the Bologna bench (photo Ansa)

BOLOGNA – Sinisa Mihajlovic passed the test. The Serbian technician, who moved everyone on the bench for Bologna's debut in the Verona field, was promoted by Professor Michele Cavo, head of Hematology of the Sant'Orsola of Bologna, where he was admitted. Yesterday's match is not an isolated case, Mihajlovic will be able to return to the bench on other occasions but this will not be possible when other treatment cycles will follow.

"I have to give credit to the patient, who once again was scrupulous and adhered perfectly to the recommendations," Professor Michele Cavo, head of Hematology of the Sant'Orsola of Bologna, where the Serbian technician is admitted, told Ansa. , I can also say that what happened yesterday is not an isolated episode and I am referring to the possibility of being on the pitch. On the other hand there will be other moments, when other cycles of therapies will follow, in which this, instead, will not be possible ".

Bologna returns to training under the orders of Mihajlovic's collaborators.

After the match in Verona, with the presence of Sinisa Mihajlovic who excited and surprised the team, Bologna has resumed training in the morning: session of fatigue for the holders of Verona, normal training for the others, in view of the derby with Spal , scheduled for Friday. Difficult to imagine what will happen then and whether Mihajlovic will be on the bench again or not.

According to some sources the technician could leave the hospital during the week at the end of the first cycle of therapies, but the situation followed step by step and from the hospital there is the maximum reserve. This morning's training was directed by the staff of the technician who announced he had leukemia 40 days ago.

The family is rooting for Sinisa Mihajlovic: "You are our warrior".

"But how is it done? The great beauty ", wrote the daughter of Mihajlovic Viktorija on Instagram. Arianna Rapaccioni, Sinisa's wife, dedicated a thought to her husband: "Warriors recognize each other from afar, my love" (source: Ansa).

The Mihajlovic article , speaks his doctor: "That's when he can return to the bench" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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