Mihajlovic has leukemia, Bologna doctor Gianni Nanni: “He will continue to do his job” VIDEO

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Mihajlovic has leukemia, the words of Bologna doctor Gianni Nanni

ROME – Sinisa Mihajlovic has leukemia. The Bologna coach announced it at a press conference in the sports center in Casteldebole. The technician burst into tears but declared war on the disease: "I'm sure I will defeat her. I owe it to my family and to all the people who love me. "

After the technician's statements, those of the Bologna doctor Gianni Nanni arrived: “ He will be able to continue his activity, indeed he must continue his activity. He will continue. How long it will take we don't know because we don't know the type of leukemia yet. "

Then Nanni continued: "The day before the retreat we feared that Sinisa might have leukemia . It started with a suspicion, we discovered the truth within five days. The certainty came before the withdrawal. Today it is possible to recover from leukemia even in a short time ”.

"The coach is fine, it's not true he had a fever. Sorry for the lie, the coach has no symptoms. He presented himself with a problem typical of an athlete after the holidays. We did an MRI where it was found that there was a bone level signal to investigate. Mihajlovic will begin treatment on Tuesday, he will be hospitalized. Then he can recover his business. We can't say how long it will take because we don't yet know the type of leukemia. Mihajlovic will come back stronger than before. We demand the maximum reserve for the coach in the coming weeks when we will do all the necessary care ”.

Source: Vista Agency / Alexander Jakhangiev

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