Mihajlovic has defeated Covid and is unleashed: “You have muddied me and my family, how much envy and malice …”

Mihajlovic has defeated the coronavirus and unleashes: "You have muddied me and my family, how much envy and wickedness …".

Sinisa Mihajlovic also overcomes the Coronavirus. Starting from tomorrow the coach will return to lead the training of his Bologna, after having tested negative to two buffers in the last 48 hours.

It was the club that communicated this on the official website, explaining that the coach, who has always remained asymptomatic, will be at the center of Casteldebole to lead the rossoblù: the session is scheduled for the afternoon, behind closed doors.

The Serbian coach leaves behind the virus and the controversies from which he had been invested, after being resumed on his holidays in Sardinia, with Flavio Briatore and at a football match.

"I followed the rules and I say no to criticism", Sinisa said in recent days, who in the immediacy of the news of his positivity was also defended by his wife Arianna:

"Do not judge, we are all sinners", he wrote in a post on Instagram. This concludes another chapter of Mihajlovic's very complicated last year, who in July 2019 skipped retirement following medical examinations that revealed leukemia.

The consequence was several cycles of chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant on October 29, 2019, treatments that forced him to train remotely for most of the past season.
He also missed the last retreat of his Bologna, after the news of the positivity at Covid on 23 August.

Since then, he has spent his days in isolation, never experiencing symptoms, watching the team's training in streaming.
From tomorrow Sinisa will be back in Casteldebole: ready to take back the reins of his men.

“In the last two seasons I haven't been very lucky, but after the leukemia I'll win this too,” he promised a couple of days ago.

The release of the technician to the Gazzetta dello Sport.

Below are the statements made by Mihajlovic during the interview with Andrea Di Caro for La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I defeated Covid and I'm fine but how much envy and mud are on me… If I refer to those for the alleged lack of precautions I would have taken in Sardinia? Exact.

All bullshit, which hurt my family a lot. I am lucky not to have profiles and not to spend my time on social networks. But you can't get mud shovels without replying.

I went on vacation like every summer in Sardinia after the end of the championship. I have had a home there for over 20 years. The island was Covid free at that time, not even one infected.

I hadn't seen my family for two months, I joined them to hug them again. I took all the precautions I needed to take. I wore a mask when I went to a club, a bar, a supermarket or a restaurant.

Then I took it off at the table, otherwise how do you eat? I hardly ever went down to the beach or rented a boat or stayed in the pool at home.

In 20 days I will have dined at the restaurant six, seven times, outdoors and indoors: in the usual known places of the Costa Smeralda, I don't think it was forbidden.

I never went to the disco, I didn't like it as a boy, let alone 51 years old. An evening outdoors with other friends in a villa.

What did I do that was so different from those who went to Puglia, Sicily or Calabria. Or is the problem the Costa Smeralda, as a meeting place for rich and famous people? What, then, is envy? " (sources Ansa and La Gazzetta dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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