Miguel van Damme, dramatic announcement on Instagram: “Cancer is back”

Miguel van Damme, annuncio drammatico su Instagram: "Cancro è tornato"

Miguel van Damme, dramatic announcement on Instagram: "Cancer is back"

BRUGES – Miguel Van Damme moved the world of football. Cercle Brugge's goalkeeper released a dramatic announcement on Instagram where he announced the return of cancer. The following are the statements made by Miguel Van Damme through a video posted on his official Instagram channel.

"I appeal to you Instagram followers. Unfortunately I have no good news to give you because I was admitted again on Tuesday. A bone marrow transplant will be performed, for which donors have already been searched all over the world. I ask you also to register as donors, you could help many other people who have the same problem as me. It will be a long struggle, an infernal duel, but I will continue to fight and I will never give up. It is the most important game of my life ”.

Van Damme's drama began in June 2016, when during a medical check-up before the start of the 2016/17 season, the Belgian goalkeeper was diagnosed with leukemia.

A year later he announced he had defeated the disease and signed a new contract with Cercle Brugge until June 2019. Van Damme recovered and although he still needed drugs on a daily basis, he was able to play in the Cup of Belgium of 2017-18 on 20 September 2017 against Genk.

Van Damme is a flag of Cercle Brugge. He was born a football player in this club and has been in the club for six years. Despite numerous health problems, Miguel Van Damme managed to play 37 games with the Belgian club. At the time of his debut in the first team, he was considered one of the most interesting goalkeepers in Europe in the future. Then he had to deal with this disease he has already defeated for the first time and now we all hope he can beat it again.

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