Messi, the pharaonic salary offered by the City: 125 million pounds a year, 341 thousand a day … And after 3 years he can fly to New York

If Messi's transfer to the City goes through, the Argentine would receive the highest salary ever.

In fact, according to what was revealed by "The Sun", Messi would receive a pharaonic salary at Manchester City.

Let's go into detail. If he manages to break free from Barcelona, Messi would sign a five-year contract worth £ 623m in total with the English club.

To show how impressive this figure is, we also specify that the Argentine would earn 10.4 million pounds a month, 2.4 million pounds a week, 341 thousand pounds a day and even 14.2 thousand pounds an hour.

Not even Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar have ever managed to earn all this money. So from the economic point of view Messi would become unattainable for everyone.

But it does not end there, this contract would also give Messi the opportunity to free himself only after three years in Manchester City.

In fact, there would be a clause that would allow the Argentine star to leave the Premier League to move to New York after three years in Manchester City.

In the 'Big Apple', Messi would receive the same pharaonic contract as the Argentine would have expected to earn this amount between now and 38 years old.

After this five-year contract, Messi could also decide to retire from competitive activity but these rumors make us understand how the Argentine wants to play for at least another five years (source The Sun ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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