Messi remains at Barcelona, ​​the tearful reaction of the family decisive

Messi wanted to leave Barcelona but was eventually forced to stay. Among the many reasons, also the shocking reaction of the family.

Messi wanted to leave Barcelona but was eventually forced to stay for economic reasons and his family's tearful reaction.

The first reason is certainly economic. La Liga sided with Barcelona and ruled that the Argentine could only leave the team through the release clause of 700 million euros.

But neither Messi nor Manchester City wanted to pay this insane amount to free the Argentine champion.

To economic reasons, private ones must be added. Number ten has always lived in Barcelona. His children grew up here and feel 100% Catalan. His wife is also very happy in the city of Antoni Gaudí.

So as soon as his family learned of Messi's decision to leave Barcelona and Barcelona reacted very badly.

To reveal it is the same number ten of the Argentina national team. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport.

“When I communicated this to my wife and children, it was a tragedy. The whole family was crying, my children didn't want to leave Barcelona, ​​they didn't want to change schools.

I looked beyond and I want to compete at the highest levels, win titles, compete in the Champions League ”(source Il Corriere dello Sport ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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