Messi plays soccer with the children on the beach of Antigua VIDEO

Messi gioca bambini Antigua video youtube

Messi plays soccer with children on the beach of Antigua (from YouTube)

ANTIGUA – Messi has proved himself a champion on and off the field. The champion of Barcelona is spending a few days of vacation in Antigua after finishing third in the last edition of the America 's Cup with the Argentina shirt. Here Messi proved to be a champion of availability. The champion of Barcelona has realized the dream of Mackenzie, 11 year old Londoner on vacation in Antigua, and of other children who were playing soccer on the beach. The Barcelona striker joined them and had fun with them.

Before leaving for vacations in Antigua, Messi returned to Argentina-Brazil arbitrage, a match that did not allow his team to enter the finals of the America's Cup. According to Messi, Argentina would have been eliminated by an arbitrage in favor of the hosts of Brazil (who then won the cup in the final against Peru). The statements of Lionel Messi are reported by Ansa.

"It was not fair, it did not even review the shares at the var, it always favored Brazil. It is not an excuse to justify our defeat, Brazil manages everything, plays at home and for this reason Conmebol is very influential today. We are angry because we had a great game but the referee made decisions in favor of Brazil, he whistled in their favor on all the dubious plays. I will give you an example, the two penalties denied to Aguero and Otamendi. They got tired of whistling penalty kicks and so they decided not to even go to review the var actions, even though the actions were very clear, it's incredible ”.

Messi plays with some children in Antigua, videos from YouTube.

Messi plays with the children on the beach of Antigua as if he were an ordinary person.

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