Messi, fax to Barcelona: “I’m leaving on a free transfer”

Messi would have sent a fax to Barcelona to express his desire to leave the club on a free transfer.

Messi like Cristiano Ronaldo? Not exactly. The Argentine striker would have expressed his desire to leave Barcelona on a free transfer.

So Messi, to have more bargaining power with his next club, would be willing not to let Barcelona cash in. Instead, Ronaldo made Real Madrid collect one hundred million euros.

Messi would be willing to leave Barcelona because he would not share the new technical project entrusted to Koeman.

The new coach, by mutual agreement with the club, killed all of Messi's friends. In fact, almost all the senators of the team have been removed, from Piqué, up to Rakitic and Suarez, all the players with whom Messi had a special relationship.

The bomb of TycSports.

Lionel Messi has announced to Barcelona that he intends to leave the club, but the most sensational thing is that he intends to do it for free: the Argentine media TycSports reports, after the newspaper Ole 'had announced the final decision of the number 10 for the day.

The champion of the Argentina national team would have sent a burofax, a certified message, referring to making use of the clause that releases him on a free transfer at the end of the season.

Barca's lawyers, however, argue that the clause expired on 10 June.

Where can it go.

The most likely destination for the Argentine number ten would be Inter. Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City follow in this order. At the moment there would be no other clubs vying for the Argentine champion (source ANSA ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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