Messi cares more about coronavirus, he is first in Google searches

Messi is the most clicked on the web, in the last few hours he has been more sought after than the coronavirus.

The second wave of coronavirus infections is certainly a hot topic but people care less about Messi 's future .

This is the surprising verdict of Google searches last Tuesday. This figure also shows how Messi is one of the most popular footballers in the history of football.

After twenty years of faithful militancy, between youth and first team, Messi would really be one step away from leaving Barcelona.

The Argentine would not have liked the latest moves of the company, between the appointment of the new coach and the cut of the senators of the team with which he had an excellent relationship, and would be willing to say goodbye to his favorite club.

To go where? Many clues lead to Manchester City. In fact, the English club would be favorites on both PSG and Inter.

The transition to a new type of football, like the English one, would be made quicker by his old teacher at Barcelona Guardiola.

In fact, for Messi Guardiola he was the most important coach of his career and he wants to return to work and win with him before hanging up his boots.

Today Aguero practically welcomed him into the team, giving up his dear number ten on social media. As it happens, the number that Messi has been wearing for a lifetime between the national team and Barcelona. If more clues give it a try … (source Google Trends ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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