Messi and the clause to free himself from Barcelona without paying 700 million. Yellow and total war

Other than an afterthought, Messi's father wrote to La Liga, which agrees to Barcelona, ​​to say that the 700 million to free himself must not pay them.

An arm wrestling and a yellow: a unilateral transfer request by Messi is (was it?) Linked to the famous contract termination clause.

700 million euros , so much should pay the Argentine (that is the team that would ensure its performance) to Barcelona in the event of termination of the contract. To free himself on a free transfer, ie without paying, he would have had to activate the termination clause before the deadline.

Messi is a complicated clause from the pandemic

The pandemic has complicated the contractual affair: everything revolves around the date of 30 June 2020. That is the expiry of the clause to free oneself without paying the 700 million to the club. However, at that date the season was not yet over.

Who is right? La Liga supports Barça by making the letter of the contract valid (he had to tell us first if he wanted to leave).

While Messi claims professional correctness because the season must be considered concluded well after June 30th.

The letter from Messi's father to La Liga

Leo Messi replies to the Spanish La Liga about the 700 million clause that the Argentine ace would have to pay if he left Barcelona.

In the declaration signed by Jorge Messi, father and representative of the # 10 blaugrana, Messi does not say that he will continue to wear the Barcelona shirt but refers to the clause.

"We do not know which contract they have analyzed and what are the bases on which they conclude that the aforementioned would have a" termination clause "- adds the statement – applicable in the event that the player decides to exercise the unilateral clause to free himself, with effect starting from the end of the 2019/2020 season ″. (sources Ansa and

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