Mertens argues with his wife Katrin Kerkhofs on the beach: “the fault” of Naples?

Mertens litiga con la moglie Katrin Kerkhofs in spiaggia: "colpa" del Napoli?

The quarrel between Mertens and his wife Katrin on the beach (photo from social media)

NAPLES – Lite on the beach between Dries Mertens and his wife Katrin Kerkhofs . According to the Corriere dello Sport, the couple would have quarreled after Katrin vented with her husband. Mertens' wife would get tired of living in Naples and would have liked to have her husband moved to a city where she would have more chances to continue her career in the world of cinema.

According to Il Corriere dello Sport, "You are selfish" and "think only of yourself" would be some of the phrases heard on the beach by those who attended the scene between the two. The tones would have been high but then the quarrel would have returned. A moment of release from Kat with his Dries, who will re-embrace Ancelotti and his teammates in a few days.

Not only Mertens, Ancelotti thinks of Insigne: "Make the captain".

"Insigne had an extraordinary season in the first part and a second part in decline. Then, he recovered, as demonstrated in the National team.
Lorenzo is the captain of Napoli, I expect him to behave and behave like a captain ". This was stated by Carlo Ancelotti in the first press conference of the season in Dimaro.

The coach also commented on the arrival of Manolas: "He arrives – he said – one of the best players on the market in that position: he is a great central, with Koulibaly he will form a formidable couple that will allow us to be more aggressive and offensive, with a higher line, and also hold one against one ".

For the rest of the market, Ancelotti spoke of the negotiations for James Rodriguez and Icardi: "James – said the technician – is a player I know well, he puts so much quality, unfortunately at the moment he is not a Napoli player, maybe he will not be never or will it and then we'll talk about it when it will be.
Icard? He is a great player, very appreciated by everyone, not only by me (source Ansa).

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