Menez: “With Mihajlovic I quarreled from man to man after doing the c …”

MILAN – Jeremy Menez was interviewed by the Gazzetta dello Sport to remember his experience at Milan.

During his path in the Rossoneri, Menez was trained by three technicians: Inzaghi, Mihajlovic and Montella .

The Frenchman spoke of all three without hair on the tongue.

With Mihajlovic , the Frenchman lived an experience made of ups and downs.

At first Menez was always playing, then after some questionable behavior, the Serbian coach had decided to put it aside a bit.

With Montella, whom Menez met in Rome, a feeling never started.

The two had a uniquely professional relationship but the Frenchman never managed to get among his favorites.

The French striker lived the best experience with Pippo Inzaghi, a coach who knew how to make the most of it.

Menez's declarations are reported by

" Mihajlovic ? At first he trusted me, but then I did the picking.

We also fought, but from man to man. I send him a big hug. "

" Montella ? I met him in Rome as a footballer and a bit as a coach.

We have never had a great relationship.

When he arrived at Milan I was a bit distant, I was wrong and I chose to leave. "

" Inzaghi ? He came to Ibiza to talk to me and explain Milan's plan to me.

I have a beautiful memory of him and thank him very much.

He made the Milan manager in a difficult moment and the AC Milan club is still struggling. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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