Melissa Satta and Alessio Romagnoli, CHI reveals: “After Milan, they also saw each other in Ibiza”

Melissa Satta e Alessio Romagnoli, CHI svela: "Dopo Milano, si sono visti anche a Ibiza"

Melissa Satta and Alessio Romagnoli, WHO reveals: "After Milan, they also saw each other in Ibiza" (from the ANSA website)

MILAN – WHO, the Italian weekly of the Mondadori group, talks about Melissa Satta in depth in her latest issue. CHI would have sighted her in the Balearic Islands in the company of Kevin Prince Boateng but according to the weekly it would not be a flashback.

According to CHI, Melissa Satta and Kevin Prince Boateng would find dialogue again during the marriage of Gloria Patrizi. Then they would spend some time with their son Maddox. In short, between the Satta and Boateng the serene but not the love would return.

Subsequently, CHI also talks about the meetings between Melissa Satta and the Milan soccer player Alessio Romagnoli . According to CHI, the two would go out together in both Milan and Ibiza. If the Satta is single, the same cannot be said of Alessio Romagnoli. As CHI writes, Alessio Romagnoli is very engaged with a young model. Below is the article by CHI.

"It is not the first time that Alessio and Melissa are caught together. It had also happened in Milan. I signal that between the two there is a bond, a friendship or maybe even something else. Yes, but Romagnoli himself would be very engaged with a young model. "Who" reports the news of the multiple sightings between the Satta and the Milan captain, he does so after checking the sources, verifying the truth of the facts and making sure that, before that news, there will be no new anger of Melissa ”(source CHI).

Having taken his first steps in Rome, despite being a great Lazio fan, Alessio Romagnoli found his definitive consecration in the ranks of Milan. He is considered one of the strongest central defenders in our league and is permanently part of the Italian national football team coached by Roberto Mancini. It has been requested by many clubs but Milan keeps it tight.

The article Melissa Satta and Alessio Romagnoli, CHI reveals: "After Milan, they also saw themselves in Ibiza" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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