Melanie Coleman falls from the parallels during training, who died at the age of 20

Melanie Coleman morta 20 anni caduta esercizio parallele

Melanie Coleman in a YouTube image

Connecticut (United States) – Melanie Coleman, one of America's most promising gymnasts, died just 20 years after a nasty fall during a parallel exercise in training. Coleman was trying to outdo herself and, under the eyes of her trainer Alberti, sought an almost impossible exercise that cost her her life.

The Coleman fell ruinously to the ground, slamming her back, and remedied spinal cord injuries. Coleman was immediately transported to Yale New Haven Hospital, Connecticut where she studied and trained, but there was nothing to do because her condition was already hopeless. Coleman died shortly after arriving at the hospital.

The news of Coleman's tragic death has shocked the United States. On social media, fans, friends and sports fans mobilized through online fundraisers to help the gymnast's family pay for funeral expenses. The goal was 10 thousand dollars, to date almost 70 thousand dollars have been collected (CNN source).

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