Mazzarri-Marocchi, fight over Sky after Turin-Bologna 1-0. The coach: “They don’t dispute me for football …”

Mazzarri-Marocchi, lite su Sky dopo Torino-Bologna 1-0. Il tecnico: "Non mi contestano per il calcio..."

Turin, Walter Mazzarri in the photo Ansa

TURIN – Bad fight between Walter Mazzarri and Giancarlo Marocchi in the post match of Turin-Bologna 1-0 on Sky Sport. The coach of Torino , despite being happy for his second consecutive championship win after the one won on the Roma pitch, lost his temper after the following question from the ex-Bologna Marocchi player: "Why do your fans contest you? Don't they like your game? ”.

Mazzarri replied as if it were a swollen river: “If you want to put tares we will leave. I'll tell you right away, I'm leaving … You speak without knowing. Speak only to make controversy. Even after a victory you have the courage to come out with these things … I have always played like this, even last year when I closed the championship in the Europa League area.

The fans do not contest me for my game, their contest was not born for football, it is not dictated by football reasons. I repeat, you speak without knowing … just to make controversy. I don't want to reveal the reasons for this dispute but football has nothing to do with it. My Turin has always been the same, in good and bad times.

I don't think about the future, nor about the renewal of my contract. I really do not care. I live game after game. I won in Rome, I won against Bologna and I spent the round in the Italian Cup against Genoa. I come from practically three consecutive victories and you try to make controversy without knowing the reasons for the dispute against me. Either we talk about football or I leave immediately …

Now you ask me about Verdi's reaction after the change? You see that you are always looking for controversy … Verdi was wrong to react like this and will be fined. He played badly, lost four balls that could have cost us dearly. He must play well, like everyone else, otherwise he will stay out ”.

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