Maxim Dadashev dies from the blows he received during a VIDEO YOUTUBE boxing match

Maxim Dadashev muore per i colpi ricevuti durante incontro di boxe: era in coma

Maxim Dadashev at the end of the meeting

ROME – Russian boxer Maxim Dadashev died at the age of 28 from the consequences of his injuries during a meeting with Subriel Matias for the Ibf super-light at Oxon Hill, in the United States.

The fight, which took place last Friday, was suspended at the end of the eleventh round by decision of Dadashev's coach. The boxer had been hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage and, after being operated on urgently, he had been put into a pharmacological coma. However, the attempts of doctors to save his life were worthless. A heart attack would have caused the death of the Russian boxer. Maxim Dadashev, born in 1990, leaves his wife and a small child.

Nicknamed Max Max he was considered one of the stars of boxing's future. The meeting with Matias, the last of his career, would have designated IBF world champion challenger Josh Taylor.

In November the death of Italian boxer Christian Daghio

Italian boxer Christian Daghio, 49, died in a ring in Bangkok, Thailand, where he had moved long ago. In the past, Daghio had won seven Thai Boxing world titles, and in recent years he had turned to boxing. The fatal meeting was valid for the supermedi. After the two close knockouts, within thirty seconds, Daghio was transported to the hospital, but the treatments were in vain. (source GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT)

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