Maxi Lopez: “Mafia had offered for a revenge on Icardi? I prefer not to talk about it … “

Maxi Lopez: "Did Mafia offer for a vendetta on Icardi? I prefer not to talk about it ..."

Maxi Lopez celebrates after a goal scored with the Udinese shirt. Photo ANSA / ALBERTO LANCIA

MILAN – New chapter in the eternal war between Maxi Lopez and Mauro Icardi. The former Milan striker attacked Maurito with the following statements made during the Argentine television program " Podemos Hablar ": "In the last year I saw my children only twice. He allows himself to stick the phone to my children while we're talking … Did Mafia want to help me against Icardi? Rather not answer…".

Maxi Lopez: "Wanda Nara? If you talk to us, publish everything on social networks … ".

The statements made by Maxi Lopez during the TV broadcast "Podemos Hablar" are reported by the Corriere dello Sport in its online edition. During his speech, Maxi Lopez spoke mainly of his children and the past and current relationship with Wanda Nara .

"There is an agreement signed by a judge who has never been respected. They don't show me my children: I've seen them twice in the last year. " Maxi Lopez continues: "I always try to talk to Wanda, but everything that is private is published on social media and for a long time the dialogue has been interrupted. I disrespect myself: with her it is always a question of money for my holiday week, for the kids who have to pay for travel. Instead she does not lack money ".

Moreover, to the presenter's question whether it was true or not that the Sicilian Mafia, when he was playing at Catania, had offered himself for a revenge on the same Icardi, Maxi Lopez replies: "I prefer not to talk about it".

A response by Wanda Nara in the next few hours cannot be ruled out, even if at the moment Mauro Icardi's partner is mainly involved in the transfer market. Inter has pushed the Argentine striker away from retirement and Icardi, who is a separate player at home, is looking forward to finding another club to be reborn. Maurito would like to go to Juventus but the negotiation is complicated by the tension that exists between the two clubs.

The Maxi Lopez article : "Mafia had offered for a vendetta on Icardi? I prefer not to talk about it … " seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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