Mauro Icardi, maxi fine from Inter. Wanda Nara: “Away from renewal”

Mauro Icardi, multa da Inter. Wanda Nara: Lontani dal rinnovo

Mauro Icardi, maxi fine from Inter. Wanda Nara: "Away from renewal" (Photo Ansa)

ROME – Super fine for the soccer player Mauro Icardi from Inter for the delay in the field. The captain will have to pay 100 thousand euros in penalty and his wife-agent Wanda Nara is not at all happy. The fine puts the renewal even more at risk, she announces it on Instagram: "We are far away, there are 4 other clubs involved".

The last episode concerning the player is the fine imposed by the club for arriving late. The footballer had warned of the problem with his return flight, first canceled and then delayed. But being the captain of the team, the excuses were not enough. Davide Stoppini in the Gazzetta dello Sport writes that Inter has imposed a fine of 100 thousand euros.

The penalty inevitably aggravated the situation regarding the renewal with the club, managed by his wife and manager Wanda Nara, with the contract expiring in 2021. Argentine to the sports newspaper As said: "At present, the renewal of Icardi with Inter is very far from materializing. There are many important clubs interested in Mauro and for this we are very far from an agreement ".

And he added: "The figures we talked about in Italy are not accurate and we have not yet received a satisfactory proposal". 'As' also writes that the offer made by Inter is 7 million a year, while the Argentine broadcaster TyC Sports states that the No. 9 will not remain at Inter. "I do not deny that, at any moment, we can find a meeting point," Wanda said, "but I reiterate that we are very far now. It is not logical to renew for the same amount that Mauro earns now, because he has reached a higher level. And then we have excellent relationships with two great clubs in Spain that are very interested in Mauro ".

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